Popup Workshop

Popup Workshop was a program to help children design simple pop-up books and cards, and print a pattern on the printer to cut and fold.

Although this early version of the software created only a limited set of pop-up forms, it was downloaded by almost 5000 users.

Dowloading the Documentation and Software

The documentation for Popup Workshop is available here in PDF format:

Popup Workshop Documentation

This software was written as part of graduate work at the University of Colorado, Craft Tech Lab. The dissertation and related documents are available here:

Popup Workshop: Computationally Enhanced Paper Engineering for Children.

Versions 1.0 and 1.1 in either Mac or Windows are available by request from susan.hendrix@colorado.edu. The Mac version is for OSX, but will not run on current operating systems. The PC version has been less tested; as of this writing, it will run on some newer systems, but with graphical problems.

The work described on this page has been supported in part by National Science Foundation grant
REC0125363, and by a gift from Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Last updated 10/2/15