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Meetings are suspended for now due to the pandemic and the need for social distancing.

We will resume when caution in having meetings is no longer required.

Who Are We?

The Boulder Study Group has been meeting pretty much every Monday night from 7-9 pm since 1997 or thereabouts. We exist to help each other in studying Scottish Gaelic and to strengthen the community of Gaelic learners in Colorado. Meetings are held in south Boulder. If you wish to attend, contact Susan Hendrix for directions and to let us know that you would like to join us.

This is a study group, not a class. We assume that people are studying on their own, and we try to all work together to provide help and activities. Most of our meeting activities are geared toward non-beginners, but may include activities for beginners as well. Learners of all levels are encouraged to attend meetings. Beginners learn from hearing the non-beginners (we promise not to push you to read or speak if you would rather be silent and listen) and non-beginners learn by helping the beginners on their way.

If you are new to Scottish Gaelic, feel free to contact us with any questions on how to begin. We offer individual tutoring with members to help get you started or restarted in learning the language. And we are glad to answer any email questions about the language if you are studying by yourself. Email Susan Hendrix.