The Shop at Pop's Garage

The Garage

For what was originally planned as a "hobby" space, our shop is much more sophisticated and capable than
what most car hobbyists have available. A long time was spent planning the space to meet these goals:

The final design is a 1290 square foot structure with 10 foot high walls, an open gambrel (barn) roof, and a
12 foot by 23 foot interior room with an overhead garage door to allow it to be closed off from the rest of the
shop. Lighting comes from six window in the side walls at ground level and four windows in the gables and
from strings of fluorescent lights along the walls and on the ceiling of the interior room. Four 220 volt outlets
provide power for the air compressor, lift, and portable tools. 110 volt outlets are located at six locations.

At the time we were building the shop in 2009 I kept a build diary to keep our family and friends updated on its
progress. If you're interested in seeing it go up you can click on the link below.

See the Build

Shop Resources

We're lucky to have most of the equipment that we need for our projects. Some of it is common to any shop,
but some of it is more specialized or expensive. What we currently have includes:

There are still a few things that would make the shop more capable and expand the scope of what
we're currently able to teach. Ideally we would like to acquire:

If you have any of these that you would like to donate to the shop please let us know. In addition we would
be delighted to receive donations of trucks and cars manufactured before 1980 as well as useable parts for
vehicles of the same vintage. In certain cases we would be able to pay a token amount to purchase these
items and we would be happy to pay for shipping. Again, please let us know.